Allow me to introduce myself

My Face

Hi! My name is Dwayne. I love playing video games, reading and spending time with my friends. And I'm almost always Smiling. ☺

Right now, I'm studying Infomation Technology in Singapore Polytechnic, one of the best Polytechnic in Singapore!. Heres the funny thing, I've never really had interest in Programming, I just thought it looked really cool, but I'm actually enjoying this course.

Prior to coming to Singapore Polytechnic, I was a Lysian or rather, a student of Loyang Secondary School. I didn't really enjoy my time there, mainly because the people there weren't really the best but I'll talk more about it in my education page.

I really enjoy working on projects that require me to be talking and expressing my thoughts. Truthfully, my favourite presentation so far has to be my CA1 for Generation Education during my First Semester in Year 1. I had the opportunity to share my life story to my entire class. I find joy in public speaking because it helps me to build up courage and gives me the chance to show off my public speaking skills.

I'm true blue Singaporean, so I'm every bit of Singaporean as anyone can be, using Singlish and being "kiasu ". When I'm not doing work on my computer or playing games, you can find me exploring nature with my friends, eating my way through my favourite food stalls such as Korean Barbeques. A simple quote to end off this page: "Even when our eyes are closed, there's a whole world out there that lives outside of ourselves and our dreams."