Things you should know about me



Badminton is my favourite among all the sports I play in my life. It keeps me healthy, active and since I personally always skip cardio when I go to the gym, its a good way of "doing" cardio outside of the gym. I think that badminton is a beautiful sport, being healthy is one thing in life, but I truly feel its all about having fun, especially with your friends. Badminton feels like a video game battle to me, theres always excitement in the game, but there can only be one winner. The greatest thing about this sport has to be the fact that even if you don't train regularly or take long breaks from the sport itself, the skills will still retain in you for a long period of time since the game itself is quite straight forward. Playing with my friends definitely helps us to strenghten our bond and because of this particular sport, I'm still in contact with many of my Primary School Mates.

Video Games

DOTA2 Video Game

DOTA 2 or what others may call it "Defense Of The Ancients" is one my favourite and most played games in my entire life. With over 6000 Hours in this game alone, I have learn to truly appreciate the game elements and the lessons I've Learnt from it. Dota 2 requires an entire team of 5 to work together in order to destroy the opposite's team "Ancient". Despite many saying that "Video games teach us nothing", I personally feel that Dota 2 has taught me the value of teamwork and how I can use it in my everyday life be it video games or real life. Dota also trained me in various other aspects such as reaction timing, quick decision making and strategic movements such as thinking ahead, kinda like playing a game of chess.


Reading Books

I love books! It may sound strange coming a guy like me, but I really do!. Ever since I was a little kid, I've read a lot of books. Many people don't believe me when I tell them I enjoy reading, but I could always retell them the story of the books I've read. Reading books are really relaxing, I can sit down in a quiet place and just forget about the world I'm currently in and drift off into the fantasy world of the book. Sometimes when I'm really stressed out, I would take a break, make a cup of tea and cuddle up in a corner of my room with a good book. Books are really easy to bring around unlike a computer, books can either be in it's physical form or I can just read it through my phone. It doesn't matter if I'm on the train or in the bus, I can easily pick up my book and indulge in it. There are just so many books that I can read, I can read light novels online, educational books, fictional or non-fiction, they are all great. Personally I think we can all learn something from reading, be it life lessons or expanding our vocabulary, it's always great to expand our knowledge and learn more. To me, reading is educational and fun at the same time, I can't think of anything better!



It all started in 2009, when my primary school decided to bring it Roller Skating for us. I was one of the few that signed up for it because I thought it looked really fun. 8 years later and I still haven't lost interest in it. Roller Skating , Ice skating, they are really fun. I've always been fascinated by those figure skaters, always wondering how they are able to move their body so elegantly. It really made me enjoy my time in the skating ring, seeing how people are able to do such amazing stuns and how I've always tried to attempt these stuns but never actually managed to do it. Though not a very popular sport compared to skateboarding, roller skating is genuinely easy to learn but hard to master, and thats why I really love rollerskating, because it's always easy to ride along and influence friends but I can still learn more about it even after so many years of experience.